Tomorrow’s Doctors

Choosing the young people who will become tomorrow’s doctors is a great responsibility. Next week I’ll be doing some mock interviews at a local school, and I’m trying to think of what to ask them. What would you ask a 17 year old proto-doc? How should medical schools decide who gets that golden ticket (or poisoned chalice, depending on your point of view)?



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3 responses to “Tomorrow’s Doctors

  1. Good question, but personally, I think 17 is abit young. Let them goto to Uni then ask them then?

  2. Mel Bezalel

    Hi there, I work for a television company producing a new medical show, and we’re looking for a female GP to co-present. Your blog is great, and if this interests you at all, please feel free to give me a call this week – 020 3301 7968 or email – many thanks! Mel

  3. At this season of their life, it is a bit hard to know what to ask because they might change their mind 7 times before they settle for their major. One thing we do in my church with the youth and young adults is to play medical games and sometimes bring medical toys in the hope that you plant a seed in their mind to consider MD career. Where i have seen complete mindset to go for medicine is when we have mission trips to Africa and other countries- the experience changes and may be you could mention to the students to consider medical missions.

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