Temporary Hiatus

The delightful Jobbing Doctor has nudged me back into life after a few months’ break. Like all busy working mums who take too much on, the blogging has taken a back seat while I managed children’s birthdays, Christmas, and a very busy time at work. But it’s spring now and I have no further excuses. I’ll be back – once I’ve gathered some thoughts.



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9 responses to “Temporary Hiatus

  1. Welcome back; I’ve missed you.

  2. The Armchair Daddy

    Gather your thoughts and BLOG!

  3. Scribbler

    Excellent – a description of your absence that actually sounds like a medical condition.

    ‘Ooh, it’s me temporary hiatus doc, the Germolene doesn’t seem to reduce the swelling any more…’ etc

  4. Vicky P

    I am a mum and an aspiring doctor and have been pointed here by Jobbing Doctor (I think!)

    I’ve read your blog from beginning to end (or should that be end to beginning if I’m reading in chronological order?!) and love it.

    Looking forward to hearing more.


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